Inspired by Com – (green rice flakes) is a delicacy that is made only in autumn from the Northern and cherished by all Vietnamese. Styled with traditional elements, Com restaurant offers diners


impeccable choices of cuisines from Asian specialties to well-known Western dishes for all-day dining.
03 VIP rooms and 01 wine cellar are a perfect choice for private dinner.

Chef recommends

Deep Frided Minced Goat Meat
Goat meat, pork, lemongrass & young rice and panda sauce.
Goat meat, pork, lemongrass, nuggets and pandan nuggets sauce. A perfect combination of the aroma of pandan com sauce, and a bit of crunchy goat cake with Com.
Braised Loach Fish in Clay Pot
Loach fish served with steam rice.
A familiar dish of the Vietnamese family rice tray.
Grilled Fish “Tay Bac” Region
Red Snapper, lemongrass, onion served with steamed rice & corn.
A flavor breakthrough from special Northwest spices will bring diners the essence of highland cuisine.
Grilled Chicken Filet
Chicken, lemongrass, ivy-rue pepper shallot steamed sticky rice.
Seasoned with mac Khen seeds, a typical spice of Northwest cuisine, grilled chicken fillet with mac Khen seeds will give visitors a taste explosion when served with Lam rice.
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