La Cochinchine Spa’s treatments are inspired by traditional Vietnamese, Switzerland, Thailand and


India methods and techniques, expertly used to give you a radiant, liberated skin and stress relief.


Traditional Vietnamese
Herbal Compress Treatment
VND 870,000 /90 MINUTES

Experience Vietnamese herbal compress massage enhanced with heated herbal packs to detoxify and alleviate common muscular aches and pains. Each herbal ingredient has been specially selected to benefit different treatment areas, helping to ease muscular tension, refresh your skin’s vitality, nurture and cleanse your skin of toxins, soothe and moisturize, and calm the body’s temperature. Leave the treatment truly relaxed as aches and pains dissolve away.

VND 700,000 /60 MINUTES

Increase inner strength and vigor with this classical massage remedy. Our therapist encourages wellness through traditional Swedish massage movements of light to strong pressure: gentle strokes, kneading, pressing and long sweeping strokes work as deeply as your body needs to boost circulation and give your system fresh energy to encourage get up and go. A head and scalp massage completes this therapy to leave you feeling completely calmed.

Hot Stone
VND 890,000 /90 MINUTES
Create total harmony and balance with Hot Stone Therapy, using ‘Hot Black Basalt’ stones. The treatment acts on the body with very small vibrations caused by the change or difference in temperature. It helps to strengthen the body’s energy through stimulating key points on the body and is an effective remedy for enhancing blood circulation and relaxation, expelling toxic substances, reducing muscle stress and overcoming tiredness.
Thai massage
1,250,000 VND/ 90 MINS
The treatment is used the ancient technique of applying pressure along the meridian lines to free the circulation flows throughout leaving one embodied in stillness and serenity.
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